Monthly Archives: March 2012

Madness is waiting A DAY to watch the season 5 premiere of Mad Men. It’s going on now and I might make it through the night. We’ll watch it tomorrow when Lou and I meet Oli in Cincinnati. Madness. Love.

French singer and actress SoKo recently released her 1st album "I Thought I Was an Alien." She was born in Bordeaux, France, sings in english and has been nominated for a César Award as best actress. She also left home when she was 16, collaborated with Spike Jonze on a couple of videos and created her own record label called Babycat Records.


Occasionally when we travel Lou naps in her car seat and instead of disrupting perfectly good slumber in the process of a stroller transfer, it's easier to hook her up to the wheels attachment. If she wakes, it's yet another perspective of a world so new.


Lou and I have followed Oli to Seattle, where he is shooting, like a wagon with creaky wheels.  Last Sunday, we hung out with my aunt and her husband who happen to live in the area and they took us around to see some of Seattle’s sites and famous graves – Bruce + Brandon Lee and of course, Jimi Hendrix, though we had no idea. We strolled through the Volunteer Park Conservatory in Capitol Hill and hung out in a theater in the EMP Museum (dedicated to Rock & Roll Music + Sci-fi + Pop Culture) that plays continuous Jimi footage. In nice Seattle fashion we concluded the day and began the night with a few oyster shots at Salty’s on Alki’s Beach.