Our summer vacation commenced on July 4 as we dashed out the door not looking back and remembering to bring Lou’s milk cup, which was left to fester in a sealed up apartment enveloped in full blazing NYC summer heat. We left Harlem behind for Los Angeles pastures including immediate cocktails and barbecued kalbi. It’s only in the summer that you work to keep yourself busy with such leisurely activities – making peach cobbler due to an abundance of mom’s garden grown peaches, swimming at the pool for a number of reasons and figuring out what the night’s drink will be to go with whatever’s being grilled. Lou has discovered the beauty of having space, a backyard and a vehicle. Staying with my parents is always (usually, no, for the most part 😉 ) a delight and there is no place like home like their backyard next to the hot grill and fire pit going on a 7th s’more.

It’s incredible how having a kid makes time go by so quickly. One moment you’re able to bring them to a matinee since all they do is breastfeed and sleep and the next thing you know they are running around a zoo shouting “gogogo” on the search for “Babar.” Lou had a weekend full of festivities in Seattle including 2 candle blowings and her first trip to the zoo. She partied hard (infinite toys at Luc’s house + sugar, no wait that was me + no napping) with her friends Luc, Adam and Max on Friday, hung out at Aunty Dana’s on Saturday night and observed an Orangutan hiding himself in a burlap bag at Woodland Park Zoo in Fremont on Sunday. Look out Papa, she’s growing (tall)!

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day then to put Lou to sleep in the stroller before heading to Le Pichet in downtown Seattle for a generous plate of Charcuterie, baguette, house smoked salmon with a spiced yogurt bulgur salad and several glasses of rosĂ©. It’s not everyday you please a French person with French food in America and the chicken liver terrine, pork rillettes, pork pĂątĂ©, beef tongue and saucisse lyonnaise certainly did their tricks this afternoon. It was all so delicious and Lou gave us a break all through lunch up until we made it to the park.

There is something so beautiful about the way Lou smiles when she hears Olivier getting home from work. She squeals with delight for papa and runs to him before giving him the tightest hug ever and nestles her little head into his neck. They have such a special bond and it’s amazing to see, especially the way she cradles his head and plays with his face when he carries her on his shoulders or the way they spoon while sneaking in more rest on a weekend morning. Olivier is incredibly gentle, loving and patient and It’s not enough just to say thank you on just today (hope the charcuterie helped)! Tchin Tchin to our amazing papa!

Lou, the house disc jockey, usually starts her set with “Linus and Lucy.” She loves Charlie Brown. She also loves riding Olivier’s shoulders. Last night, she wouldn’t eat or talk and sat in bed angry with us for leaving her with Mamie Dani so she curled up with a pair of Olivier’s pants.

When home in NYC, Union Square Park is the park we most frequent. Lou loves the sandbox as do I since I can sit back and not be on the chase chanting no. Even a plastic cup will suffice as an object of curiosity. From Harlem, it's just four stops on the 4 or 5. The next time we get to the park, it'll finally be time to go out in shorts and crocs (Lou). Union Square Greenmarket at Union Square is also one of the best farmers market in town held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays offering items such as ostrich eggs, dried lavender, duck breast, and gorgeous seasonal produce galore.  

Occasionally when we travel Lou naps in her car seat and instead of disrupting perfectly good slumber in the process of a stroller transfer, it's easier to hook her up to the wheels attachment. If she wakes, it's yet another perspective of a world so new.