We got to celebrate with Oli’s lovely maman who is visiting from France. I wanted to prepare light cuisine as far from France as Hawaii is so I made Onigiri stuffed with Nametake to go with our Salmon. Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball and delicious Nametake mushrooms are seasoned and sold in jars. I had no idea how to describe its taste and I’ve eaten it all my life usually with natto (fermented soybeans), which I think I’ll save for the next holiday – Memorial Day, perhaps. Happy Mum’s Day xo


Lou, the house disc jockey, usually starts her set with “Linus and Lucy.” She loves Charlie Brown. She also loves riding Olivier’s shoulders. Last night, she wouldn’t eat or talk and sat in bed angry with us for leaving her with Mamie Dani so she curled up with a pair of Olivier’s pants.

When home in NYC, Union Square Park is the park we most frequent. Lou loves the sandbox as do I since I can sit back and not be on the chase chanting no. Even a plastic cup will suffice as an object of curiosity. From Harlem, it's just four stops on the 4 or 5. The next time we get to the park, it'll finally be time to go out in shorts and crocs (Lou). Union Square Greenmarket at Union Square is also one of the best farmers market in town held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays offering items such as ostrich eggs, dried lavender, duck breast, and gorgeous seasonal produce galore.  

We tried the $15 lunch special at this new black and red decked out Russian restaurant. It was a hankering for Soviet nostalgia and borsch that brought us there. The special consisted of a salad, soup and entrée (Oli and I took a lunch special each to sample the Olivier & Russian Salad, borsch & chicken meatballs soup and mushroom zrazi & chebureki) and righteously filled our bellies. It’s unpretentious home cooking food that makes you feel happy it’s cold and grey outdoors. No soviet flashback is done proper without modeling actual soviet era military wear, especially in cotton candy pink. Nasha Rasha 4 W 19th St. NY, NY 10011