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                        My Gramps died on June 29, 2012 and my sister and I will always remember and laugh about how he used to take us to Fun Factory giving us $20 each for tokens and sitting for hours at the machine where you put the token in at the top hoping it will slide down strategically into the pile pushing tokens off the edge of the cliff, and how he used to take us shopping at Pearlridge mall or Ala Moana and hang outside the store smoking several of his Capri Slims, and how he would pay me $20 to either wash his car or sweep the 7-10 rocks that made their way on┬áthe sidewalk back to where they came from, and of course that one time when he took my neighborhood buddies and I, piled into the trunk of his white Mazda pickup, to Sports Authority so we could cash in a jar of pennies for a street hockey related item. He was always there for us whether we needed a ride somewhere or if the shaved ice truck made a spontaneous stop or if we needed a reminder that we needed to "study hard now." I'm glad this picture was taken and that we were able to see him one last time in January.